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Cesari Jema 2013

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Cesari Jema 2013
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750ml Bottle

Made of 100% Corvina, the Jema derives its name from the Italian word 'gemma' which dually means 'bud of the vine' and 'precious gem.' The wine is precious because the Corvina grape is the most prized of the three classic varieties in Valpolicella and Amarone wines. Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara are blended in varying degrees depending upon the producer, but the Corvina is by far the most expensive and lowest yielding, and gives the wine the most concentration and complexity.  This wine also comes in a six bottle wood case for a special gift or cellar treasure.
Category Red Wine
Region Italy, Veneto, Veronese
Brand Cesari
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Bottle ShopWe love the intense richness coupled with silky polish of this Italian red. Aged for 18 months in French oak barrique, followed by 6 months in traditional large casks, this wine has beautiful red fruits, cocoa and coffee in the nose and on the palate. We look forward to serving this with tender steaks, roasted pork loin, savory pasta dishes, or fine Italian cheeses and cured meats.

November 23, 2019
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Wine AdvocateNow with some perspective, you can appreciate the historic importance of this wine. This bottling from Cesari gave us one of our first tastes of the Corvina grape in a single-variety wine, and many other producers have followed in these footsteps since. The 2013 Corvina Jèma sees a very light appassimento of just 20 days, nonetheless resulting in a bold and full-bodied red wine with thick layers of black fruit and spice at its core. The wine is aged in French barrique for 18 months and is then transferred into large oak cask for a little relaxation time lasting six months. This latter phase works toward the seamless integration you taste here, with soft tannins, dark fruit, some sweetness and a much-needed spot of acidity. Production is 42,000 bottles strong. You get a lot of Valpolicella intensity here for a reasonable price.

Monica Larner, September 30, 2019