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Bono Val di Mazara Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 oz.
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Bono Val di Mazara Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

16.9 oz.

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Category Olive Oil
Origin Italy, Sicily
Brand Bono

The most important olive oil producer in Sciacca, Sicily named Bonolio is a company that began decades ago to export to the U.S. and to promote olive oil culture around the world. “There is still so much ignorance about olive oil — the way it is made, where it comes from, the certifications,” owner Salvatore Bono told Olive Oil TimesBono’s company has long focused on olive oil production by bonding with generations of small farmers, giving birth to a unique connection with the territory. In the Sciacca area, said Bono, 60% of all Sicilian olive oil is produced.

“It all started from my grandfather back in 1934, a food salesman, who founded the first family agribusiness. Then came my dad, who focused exclusively on olive oil. Today we are four brothers with the background of a very special family experience, which allows us to nurture the relationship with the Sciacca farmers,” said Bono.

Still, Bono believes that the main driver of quality is the location. “We produce our Bono blend in a special place, which is part of an island whose own name, Sicily, stands for the excellent quality of agricultural products. While lab analysis and panel tests are crucial for verifying the quality of our EVOOs, olive oil from this territory is blessed by natural excellence,” Bono said.

On the labels of Bonolio, the characters of the Opera dei Pupi — deemed an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO — reveal the identity of the oil on which they appear. There is a different Paladin for each product, designed by the local artist Alice Valenti with the goal of combining popular and olive oil cultures. “We have associated the olive oil whose characteristics match the identity of the Paladin,” noted Salvatore Bono, co-owner of Bonolio. “For instance, our Val di Mazara EVOO is now distinguished by Regina Galerana, one of Charlemagne’s wives, known for her balance and wiseness, which also portrays our EVOO’s identity.” 

The artist, Bono added, did not only use the Paladin’s historic profile “but also re-imagined it with modern graphics, which also narrates our quest for innovation, which is part of our work and one of the drivers of EVOO quality. That heritage allowed us to herald our idea of a modern Sicily, colorful and joyful.” 

Sparkling Rosé
No Sulfites Added
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