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George Dickel 15 Year Bottle Shop Single Barrel 15 year old 750ml
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George Dickel 15 Year Bottle Shop Single Barrel 15 year old


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Category Whiskey
Origin United States, Tennessee
Brand George Dickel

This item is for pick up only - This is our newest limited edition Private Single Barrel whisky from the legendary American distiller, George A. Dickel. Dickel was the second 'founding father' of Tennessee whiskey along with Jack Daniels himself. We tasted a range of Dickel 15 year barrels before enthusiastically agreeing upon #992 with 93.4 proof and a well-rounded, smooth style. This flavorful yet soft 15 year has aromas and flavors of gentle spice, tangerine oil, caramel apple, mocha and sweet herbs. It tastes 'bourbon-esque' in the best sense, lightly sweet and woody, with little to no burn on the finish. Made of 84% Corn, 8% Rye and 8% Malted Barley.

Founder George A. Dickel was born 40 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and when he entered the whiskey business to sell the smoothest spirits in the region, he was already an established Nashville merchant. Geo. A. Dickel & Co. was born when the Cascade Hollow Distillery opened in 1878 in neighboring Coffee County, and George Dickel bought a large share. George Dickel followed in the Scottish tradition of spelling whisky without an “e.” George Dickel preferred whisky made in the winter months more than summer months because he felt it made the whisky taste smoother, so the company began advertising their Geo. A. Dickel’s Cascade Tennessee Whisky as “Mellow as Moonlight.” This is why Dickel whisky is chilled before undergoing the charcoal-mellow filtration known as the Lincoln County Process. This extra step smooths out the flavor and they are still the only Tennessee distillery to do it. The sugar maple wood becomes charcoal when they burn the wood bits and then they pour the whiskey over the burnt charcoal which is also a filtration process. 

By 1904, under Augusta Dickel and business partner Victor Schwab, the distillery was prosperous. Although Prohibition became federal law in 1919, it was enacted in Tennessee nine years earlier. So the distillery was closed, but the then-named Cascade Whisky was allowed to be sold as a medicinal spirit through leased equipment at the Stitzel distillery in Kentucky. Twenty-five years after the Repeal of Prohibition, in 1958, a new distillery was opened down the road from the original Cascade Hollow Distillery and it began producing whisky known as Geo. A. Dickel Tennessee Whisky. In 1964, the whisky was bottled and released as Dickel Black Label Old No. 8 and Dickel Tan Label Superior No. 12. Today, this distiller carries on the tradition of excellence that made this brand a symbol of quality for over 130 years.   

Sparkling Rosé
No Sulfites Added
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