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Bodegas Rectoral De Amandi Matilda Nieves 2020 750ml
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Bodegas Rectoral De Amandi Matilda Nieves 2020

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Matilda Nieves Mencía is crafted by the prestigious Bodegas Rectoral de Amandi winery. The label features a wood fairy on her swing, surrounded by the idyllic forests of the Ribeira Sacra. As she swings, she leaves behind a tail of flavors evoking the unmistakable nuances of Mencía. Commissioned by the famous local artist Pablo Guerreo, on the label "we try to transmit the magic and elegant spirit of Mencía from the Ribeira Sacra. The mystery of a territory where the forest is a constant presence." All of the grapes are hand-picked, macerated and fermented with native yeasts, in contact with the skin of the grape for 15-20 days in stainless steel tank. Stabilized and bottled, thus obtaining a wine rich in aromas and complexity. The wine is named after one of the founder’s granddaughters, Matilda. 

Look for a cherry red colored wine with violet intensity of bright intensity. A beautifully balanced Mencía with raspberries and blackberries with light notes of licorice. Round and complex with soft touches of tannin providing a persistent finish. A perfect pairing with grilled red meat, roasted pork and braised lamb. Blend: 85% Mencia, 8% Garnacha, 7% Souson.

Bodegas Rectoral de Amandi has more than 130 hectares of vineyards distributed on terraces in the sub-areas of Amandi, Quiroga and A Peroxa. This geographic complexity favors the existence of a climate marked by high temperatures in summer and mild in winter with little rainfall, and which allows the vines to receive as much sunlight as possible. The estate is a benchmark throughout the D.O. of Ribeira Sacra, for its quality and international recognition. Mencía is the name of the variety of red grape most cultivated in the D.O. Ribera Sacra from the time of Ancient Rome. It grows in small, compact clusters, with medium-sized berries, an intense blue color and thick skin. It allows the production of very aromatic and fruity wines, with an intense color, and with aging possibilities. 

The soil and the characteristics of the land are the most important qualities that highlight the essence of the Ribeira Sacra and that make the difference of the region's Mencía wines. In some cases the vineyards can be found on the hills with an inclination of more than 40% and bounding on the river, that is the reason why all grapes are hand-picked. The whole process is known as "heroic winemaking", as the wines of this D.O. are classified as originating from mountains with steep slopes, which must be climbed for hours once the grapes have ripened and are ready for harvesting. 

In the vineyards, the cultivation and care of the vines is maintained in a traditional way due to the difficulties of the terrain, a herd of sheep is in charge of keeping the vineyard clean, they freely graze between the vines without damaging them, fertilizing the terrain and keeping it clean in a much more environmentally friendly way than any machinery and avoiding artificial fertilizers. Furthermore, in all the vineyards the estate has meteorological stations and temperature sensors that provide information allowing them to anticipate the appearance of fungal diseases and reduce the use of phytosanitary treatments, that is, only when the risk of disease is very high.

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Anyone who has ever seen photographs of the steep slopes of Ribeira Sacra will wonder how it is possible to produce a wine like this in our Value category -- but here it is, dark, fresh and thrillingly aromatic from first sniff to last swallow. This limpid, unoaked wine is made from the Mencia grape variety (known as Jaen in Portugal) plus a little Garnacha and Souson, and the emphasis is on its sloe, bramble and damson fruits in all their primary glory, almost as if it had been run from the vats just a week or two earlier. The palate is soft-textured, mouth-filling, exuberant and comely, structured more prominently by acidity than tannin, though that acidity is sweet and juicy in its own right. There is nothing at all sharp or hard about this tender, almost lip-smacking red … yet the variety itself, and the legacy of its austere, granite-soiled origins, somehow contrive to stop the wine tasting simple.

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