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Agour Basque Dark Cherry Jam

Agour Basque Dark Cherry Jam 3.5 oz. Jar

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3.5 oz. Jar


In the Basque region of the Pyrenees, exceptional sheep's milk cheeses are produced, such as P'tit Basque and Ossau-Iraty which we carry here at the Bottle Shop. These cheeses, which also happen to be House Favorites, pair wonderfully with local dark cherries, a classic Basque delicacy. Agour slowly simmers these luxurious local cherries into a thick, rich jam for putting on top of the region's wonderful sheep's milk cheeses. Made of 65% dark cherries and sweetened with cane sugar. Another Basque specialty is their famous Bayonne Ham, also available here.

Category Jams
Region France, Pyrenees
Brand Agour