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Flufa Cheese Rosettes

Flufa Cheese Rosettes 4 oz.

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4 oz. Bag


Rosettes are a savory, buttery pastry cracker handmade with Tête de Moine Swiss cheese and butter. Tête de Moine AOC cheese was invented more than 8 centuries ago by monks in Jura, France, but is now produced exclusively by a small group of dairies in Switzerland. Tête de Moine,  which translates literally as 'monk's head', has a very fine consistency which melts in your mouth. With its gorgeous alpine milky flavor, it tastes similar to a French gruyère but it is finer, and not as toothsome.

We love serving these crispy, buttery, delectable 'crackers' alongside plainer crackers and an assortment of cheeses for a different texture and flavor. Rosettes taste like a crispy croissant baked fresh! Buy 2 bags at a time, you'll be glad you did! For a traditional pairing, serve w/a Dry White wine, Sherry or Fruity Red.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter, cheese (Tête de Moine), skimmed milk, yeast, salt, malt extract.

Category Crackers
Region Switzerland
Brand Flufa