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Barrell Craft Spirits Cask Strength Bourbon 15 year old

Barrell Craft Spirits Cask Strength Bourbon 15 year old 750ml
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2019 version- just released!  Below is the review from last year. 

from Forbes..... "My 2018 Best American Whiskey went to Glass No. 10, Barrell Bourbon 15-year-old, a blend of straight bourbons from Tennessee, Indiana and Kentucky. This is a stunning upset, as Barrell, a small company, is a blender and not a distiller. They acquire barrels from other distilleries and blended them to create my American Whiskey of the Year. Furthermore, they defeated American whiskey juggernauts to take this.

Barrell's victory is also symbolic of the growing movement in American whiskey: Blenders are purchasing barrels that may not stand out by themselves and combining them to create flavors and quality that rival any straight whiskey.

While American blends are not going to replace straight bourbon anytime soon, they can no longer be considered rotgut. Their stature has risen to the point they cannot be ignored.  Some blends are damn good.  One American blend just won American Whiskey of the Year.

NOTES from the Distillery 

15-year-old bourbon whiskey

Distilled and aged in TN, KY and IN

Crafted and bottled in Kentucky

105.1 proof cask strength bottling

Mash bill: corn, rye and malted barley

This complex 15-year-old bourbon was blended and bottled at peak maturity so you can experience its true flavor. It is a perfect union of grain and barrel, with an old, oaky nose and a deep, honey- maple palate that reveals the lushness of the grain.

Category Bourbon
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Barrell Craft Spirits
Alcohol/vol 52.55%
Proof 105.00