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Widow Jane Bourbon Whiskey 10 year old

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Widow Jane Bourbon Whiskey 10 year old

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750ml Bottle


Aged for 10 years in American oak and made with pure limestone mineral water from the Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, NY, Widow Jane is a small batch Bourbon for the most discerning of Bourbon-lovers. Each bottle is numbered by hand,. Look for aromas and flavors of butter, cream, toffee, cherry wood, olive oil charred orange and spices. Unfiltered for the deepest color and flavor. Widow Jane was named the #1 Bourbon by GQ magazine.

As great whiskey distillers throughout the world — from Kentucky to Scotland — have long known, it takes sweet water from tough rock to make great whiskey. And, that’s what Widow Jane Whiskey is all about. The Widow  10 year whiskey is aged to perfection. It drinks like a 20 year bourbon with its deep cherry notes and light tannic finish. 

Aroma: Butter, Cream, Toffee

Front: Cherry Wood, Olive Oil

Mid: Orange

Finish: Burnt Orange and Spice

After Glow: Light tannic fuzz

Category Bourbon
Region United States, New York
Brand Widow Jane
Alcohol/vol 45.5%
Proof 91.00
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Wine EnthusiastFrom chocolate maker Cacao Prieto comes an innovative Bourbon made with water from the Widow Jane mine in Rosendale, NY-an unusual limestone-rich source similar to those found in Kentucky. Aged for seven years in American oak, the spirit needs a little time to open up and coax forth vanilla and cola-like notes on the palate. Distinctly sweet on the palate, most of the flavor is on the finish, with a flourish of sasparilla, vanilla, cola and allspice.

Kara Newman, July 1, 2013