Willett Family Estate Bottled Small Batch Rye Whiskey 3 year old


SKU 01896


The Willet family distillers brought their distilling knowledge with them from Europe to American colonies in the early 1600's. They had distilled brandy in France, and then learned to make bourbon before Prohibition. After prohibition, the family developed several of the most famous bourbon distilleries in Kentucky. This rare release is a straight rye whiskey bottled from the family estate. Aged in hand selected white oak barrels for four years and hand bottled, each bottle has hand written information on the label with regard to the number of years aged, the barrel number, alcohol level and proof. Look for citrus, woody forest and butter in the nose with butterscotch, grains, mint, salt and spice on the palate and hints of cedar, earth and vanilla on the finish all wrapped up in a smooth, sophisticated style.
Category Rye
Country United States
Region Kentucky
Brand Willett
Alcohol/vol 54.5%