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Boucheron Goat Cheese

Boucheron Goat Cheese

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Boucheron from the Loire Valley was one of the first French goat cheeses exported to the U.S., and it is indeed one of our all-time favorite cheeses. We really let it get to room temperature before eating it, so you will need to take it out a good two hours ahead of time, and boy, is it worth it! This Goat's milk has a three-part harmony that every sliced round has to offer. First you have a downy, edible white rind, leading to a thick, oozy creamline, leading to a crumbly yet fluffy & fresh center, full of lemony, herbal chevre flavor. A dry, flinty Sauvignon Blanc from its home of the Loire Valley will complete a trifecta of flavor.    

Category Cheese
Region France, Loire Valley
Brand Boucheron