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Aperol Aperitivo

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Aperol Aperitivo

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750ml Bottle

For something authentically Italian, serve up special drinks using Aperol. Mix with Prosecco, a splash of club soda and top with an orange slice. This is called a 'Spritz' and it's as refreshing as the name suggests. Aperol itself is also an aperitif served chilled or on the rocks, similar to Campari. Made with a recipe from 1919 which includes special herbs and roots.
Category Apéritif
Region Italy, Veneto
Brand Aperol
Alcohol/vol 11%
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Wine EnthusiastAmong the canon of Italian spirits, Aperol and the Aperol Spritz cocktail are classics, available at a growing range of America's best bars. The lurid red hue is recognizable from across the room. It's light on every count-in terms of alcohol content, sweetness level and texture. The gentle sweet-bitter profile goes down easy-especially when lightened with bubbles.

Kara Newman, April 1, 2014