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Francois Baur Sang du Dragon Pinot Noir 2017

Francois Baur Sang du Dragon Pinot Noir 2017

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750ml Bottle

This Pinot Noir from the Alsace region is an absolute beauty and a wonderful example from northern France. With its perfumed aromas of red and black fruits, mocha, vanilla, forest and stones., Sang du Dragon Pinot is smooth, silky and pure, with a perfect balance of fruit, acidity and gentle tannin. Pair at home with salmon in dried cherry sauce, roasted chicken or fine cheeses and charcuterie. Continuous vine growing in Alsace dates back to Roman times; viticulture in the Brand area was recorded in 1328 from documents of Paris and the abbeys of Munster. Red wines have been traditionally rare in Alsace because of the region's cool growing season and northerly location, but today we are seeing more and more reds produced with changing climates and organic winemaking methods. The name for this Pinot, 'Sang du Dragon' comes from an old legend...when the valley of the Rhine was still underwater, a dragon emerged from the waves to rest on the protruding Brand hilltop. The sun was too fierce, however, and its rays eventually pierced the dragon's scales, drawing blood. Gravely wounded, the dragon dragged itself to a cave where it then died. Many centuries later, wine growers came to plant vines in this area. Still fertile with the dragon's blood, legend has it that the vines even today produce a wine of fire. Today, Baur's wines carry the dragon's image.

In an email we received from Virginie Baur, she told us : "Sang du Dragon means dragon's blood. There is a legend that a dragon was slain in this vineyard (the Brand vineyard), and the blood of the dragon made the vines strong. 'Brand' means "land of fire" in German and is a Grand Cru Vineyard but only Muscat, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Riesling can have the Grand Cru Appellation according to the AC laws, so we named the wine 'Sang du Dragon'." The story is fun for sure, but the wine itself is amazing. We drink it at home often, it is a wonderfully terroir-driven treat!

Over the past several years, Baur has converted his vineyards to fully biodynamic production--a totally natural approach to the cultivation of vines that makes every attempt to respect the plants, the soil and the environment. No weed killers or insecticides are used; instead, certain types of grasses are encouraged to grow between the vines which actually strengthen the soil. To provide aeration, the earth is plowed manually a few times a year. Only natural products are used on the leaves of the vine itself: Work is scheduled according to the phases of the moon, often at night while the vines are resting and not fatigued by the sun. Studying in the same biodynamics class as Jean-Michel Deiss, one notes the fervor with which Pierre Baur (Virginie's father) now addresses his work; it has become a religion to him and, he trusts nature explicitly in his vineyards.
Category Red Wine
Region France, Alsace
Brand Francois Baur