Hiro Junmai Sake Red 300ml

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Inspired by the ancient recipe of Hiroemon Takeda, the renowned Samurai and Japanese Sake connoisseur, Hiro is crafted by Hiro's own Toji (Master Brewer) using only specially polished rice from the Murakami plain in the Niigata Region. Hiro Red, Junmai Sake, may be served warm or cold with your favorite Japanese food.

Japanese Sake dates back over 2,000 years, even before the first Japanese written books were recorded… Lore has it that Japanese Sake’s origin occurred when some natural airborne yeast landed in an open container of rice producing a slightly fermented liquid that gave some lucky farmers a pleasant buzz. Japanese Sake gained the favor of the Japanese Imperial Court, which formed its own brewing department. Today, Japanese Sake has become a world beverage, and October 1st has been designated as the official Japanese Sake Day.
Category Junmai
Country Japan
Brand Hiro