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Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey 2019

Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey 2019

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750ml Bottle


This is the 2019 release

Midleton 'Very Rare' is the most exclusive and celebrated whiskey ever produced in Ireland. It is blended from a number of 12-21 year old triple distilled whiskies at the Midleton Distillery in County Cork by the John Jameson's & Son company, and there are only 50 oak casks produced each year, with each bottle individually numbered and signed by the Midleton's master distiller. Midleton uses only indigenous Irish barley and the local waters of Cork.

The distilling process is unique, the master distiller applying a craft, an individual artistry that is different for each and every distiller. Most good whiskies these days are matured in French or American oak casks, and Midleton Very Rare is no exception - in this case cellaring in individually selected American oak bourbon-seasoned barrels.

When the first drop of Midleton Very Rare touches the tip of your tongue, you experience the light, delicate textures of Irish whiskey that sets it apart from the smoky agressiveness of Scotch and other whiskies. The first taste suggests honey and fruits, gently roasted almonds. It is incredibly smooth with a long finish. The aftertaste of each and every sips lingers slowly and oh-so-smoothly. Let a glass of Midleton Very Rare breathe for a while before you sip and you'll never want to drink anything else again.

Category Irish Whiskey
Region Ireland
Brand Midleton