Dry Sack Medium Dry Sherry


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In 1905 the Dry Sack brand was launched by Alexander Williams and Arthur Humbert in Jerez, Spain. It is a unique blend of Oloroso (which gives full body and rich aromas), Amontillado (giving dryness) and Pedro Ximenez (giving softness and deep coloring). The result is a medium-dry style, with an attractive nuttiness on both the nose and palate - it is deeply fragrant with a unique lingering finish. In Spain, a glass of chilled sherry remains a popular aperitif because it is the least likely to interfere with what follows. It is also wonderful after-dinner, on the rocks, or neat, served with nuts and cheeses.
Category Sherry
Country Spain
Region Jerez / Sherry / Manzanilla
Brand Dry Sack
Alcohol/vol 19.5%