Massenez Creme de Framboise


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Founded in 1870 in Alsace, Distillerie G. E. Massenez remains today one of the last family-owned firms dedicated to the production of traditional, top-quality brandies and liqueurs. Eugène Massenez was completely dedicated to aritisanal distillery, a belief in quality that is continued today. All Massenez crèmes are a triple concentration of fruit, sugar and eau-de-vie. The incomparable taste of these luscious crèmes is achieved by using only the best juice from the freshest fruit, a high dosage of sugar and, most importantly, the eau-de-vie of the same fruit. It is Massenez' consummate skill in the art of distillation which is responsible for these quintessential crèmes. Serve neat or over ice in a liqueur glass, serve over vanilla ice cream and top off with whipped cream, or make a classic Kir Royale by pouring a small amount of Framboise into a Champagne flute then top off with a dry French sparkling wine. You could also make a Kir, which blends the Framboise with white wine, traditionally with an Aligote (which the Bottle Shop has in stock - just search Giraudon).
Category Liqueur
Country France
Region Alsace
Brand Massenez