Chartreuse Green


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Made from 130 herbs, plants and flowers gathered in the French Alps by the Carthusian monks. The exact ingredients are unknown, and have been a secret for 400 years. The mixture is macerated with a neutral alcohol spirit and distilled by the monks before being aged in oak casks for about 5 years in their Voiron cellars. Chartreuse is the only liqueur to be aged in oak vats-and the only one to give its name to a color!Look for intensely floral and herbal aromas followed by more aromas and lovely flavors of cloves, angelica, fennel, citrus, thyme, rosemary, hyssop, cinnamon, mace, pine...and each time you sip it, you notice something new! This is ideal to serve with desserts such as chocolate creme brulee, mixed berries with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, or on its own, as dessert itself, served neat or on ice.
Category Liqueur
Country France
Brand Chartreuse
Alcohol/vol 55%
  • we96-100

Wine EnthusiastInvented by the Carthusian Order of Christian monks in Grenoble, France in the 1760s. Pale green-yellow color. Mesmerizing, multilayered, complex bouquet includes scents of licorice, anise, violets, spearmint and basil. On palate, it's very spirity, with sweet tastes of candied banana, key lime pie and peppermint. Finishes mellow, herbal and minty. A one-of-a-kind legend.

December 15, 2002