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Brezzo Honey & Jams for Cheese on Wood Tray

Brezzo Honey & Jams for Cheese on Wood Tray

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It all started in the 1940's with Honey ... Grandfather Gervasio had an idea to take his beehives in the beautiful valleys of Cuneo and produce mountain honey. He loaded the beehives and honey extractors on his bike and cycles to reach the heights where the rhododendrons bloom. His passion also influenced his younger brother, Carlo, who even today is dedicated to beekeeping. Brezzo is one of the first companies in Italy to practice nomadism of bees. For over fifty years the company has continued to move their hives in search of the best flowers and pollen, offering a wide variety of honey which reflects its home territory. In the 1980's the family expanded to more food products including beautiful jams, preserves, nuts, candies and cakes.

Located in the ROERO of Piedmont, this is a place which is a mosaic of experiences, landscapes and ancient traditions. A land is rich in raw materials and superlative gifts of nature. The honey here is of the highest quality. The vineyards and the wines, are celebrated around the world. The truffles from here are 'diamonds of the earth'. But also vegetables and fruit of amazing flavors abound.  This is a place where nature and man have formed an unbreakable alliance, devoted to excellence.

In the early 2000's, Andrea and Fabio Brezzo join the company. The third generation faces the challenges of the new millennium: innovation in the full respect of tradition, continued commitment to nature ; working on the brand: dynamism, stability, creativity and communication. 

Category Jams
Region Italy, Piedmont
Brand Brezzo