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Les Trois Petits Cochons Cornichons Piquants Sweet & Spicy

Les Trois Petits Cochons Cornichons Piquants Sweet & Spicy

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In life, we should never turn our backs on something new and different... because if we did, we would have never tasted and loved these Sweet & Spicy Baby gherkin cornichons. We have always adored the classic baby sour gherkins pickled in vinegar and spiced the traditional French way. They are the perfect pairing for pâtés, ham, saucisson a l'ail and other charcuterie, or alongside a traditional ham sandwich. When Les Trois Petits Cochons came out with this version, flavored with red chili pepper, it was another big hit in our Food Market. The French version of 'sweet' is not sweet as Americans think of, so these cornichons are ever-so-slightly sweet with just the right amount of heat on the finish. The French version of 'spicy' is also not the obnoxious, 'diablo' style that some people enjoy... we like our spicy on the moderate side, to pair better with wine, and to not kill our palates, so these are just right :)

Les Trois Petits Cochons has produced award-winning, all natural pâté and charcuterie since 1975 by crafting small, handmade batches using high-quality ingredients. The Bottle Shop has carried their fine products since 1985. One of the most awarded specialty food companies in North America, Les Trois Petits Cochons began as a small charcuterie in Greenwich Village, New York City. Today it leads the pâté and charcuterie industry, offering a complete line of artisanal pâtés, mousses, terrines, sausages, saucissons, smoked meats and other French specialties. We carry TPC pâtés, mousses, mustards and toasts with pride and keep the cornichons in our frig at home at all times!

Pickled in vinegar and spices with red chili pepper. Ingredients : Gherkins, Water, Sugar, Alcohol Vinegar (non-GMO), Salt, Yellow and Brown Mustard Seeds, Chilies 0.5%, Flavors.   

Category Gourmet Foods
Brand Les Trois Petits Cochons