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Kritsinia Bread Sticks of Greece

Kritsinia Bread Sticks of Greece 17 oz.

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17 oz. Bag


We tried & tried, we asked & asked, and finally, after almost a year, we finally received these amazing breadsticks from Crete!!! When in Greece, you will see Kritsinia in many places/spots as you sight-see, travel through the city or to the countryside. Kritsinia are bread sticks that often covered in sesame seeds or with an array of edible seeds. You may find Kritsinia at one of the many farmer’s markets that set up in neighborhoods in the city and in towns. They will also be found at patisseries and bakeries: there’s a bakery on almost every corner in Greece at least one in every village. These Kritsinia are from Crete, a Greek island, where they have been made for hundreds, if not thousands of years, in an all-natural way. 

These Kritsinia are from the same producer as the delectable Ladokoulouro we carry. They are dense yet light, crunchy and toothsome. Kritsinia may be offered as part of a breakfast with some cheeses. Kritsinia are definitely a snack food; pop two or three (or four) in your mouth to hold you over ’til lunch. Kritsinia are great to bring to the beach, too! Serve with sparkling wine, red and rosé wines, and all Greek whites, as well as with coffee and tea.


Category Crackers
Region Greece, Crete
Brand Kritsinia