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Les Folies Fromages Black Cherry Jam

Les Folies Fromages Black Cherry Jam

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Handcrafted in the Pyrenees region of France, this Black Cherry and Licorice jam for Brebis is especially delicious served on top of your favorite sheep's milk cheeses. The prized cherries from the Basque region are used, and the Basque region also boasts the most delicious and refined of sheep's milk cheeses.  These jams are made by the company Guillaume & Lesgards, set in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Pyrenees. The creation of these sweet surprises is a real work of art, as it requires the respect of the natural aromas of the fruits, a short cooking time to preserve its texture and color, and a perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors. Les Folies Fromages create these small batch spreads with fresh local fruits and spices, combined with low sugar content, specially designed to highlight the typical flavors of all different cheeses. The elaboration of each product was guided by a regional tradition. 

Category Jams
Region France, Pyrenees
Brand Les Folies Fromages