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Firefly Farms Merry Goat Round

Firefly Farms Merry Goat Round

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Crafted by Maryland’s premier & most awarded cheese maker , Merry Goat Round is a supple, ultra creamy, incredibly delicious Goat Cheese. Since Firefly Farm's founding in 2002, Merry Goat has been a top seller. Its soft, bloomy rind is edible at any stage of the cheese’s ripening—in fact, the cheese’s fullest flavor is concentrated at its rind. Slice and eat on a cheeseboard, bake in the oven or melt on a sandwich.

All cheeses at FireFly Farms are Sustainably Crafted. Founded in 2002 by partners Mike Koch & Pablo Solanet, FireFly Farms is proudly dedicated to excellence in handmade goat cheese. They only use four simple ingredients and these cheeses have no additives, preservatives or stabilizers. FireFly sources fresh goat milk from family farms within 30-miles of the creamery, all of which is free from added hormones or antibiotics. They are also committed to renewable energy and sustainability, and work to create value for the local farming community as well as the economy of Western Maryland. 

This is soooo delicious and gooey! YUM!! Get it while you can. This is hard to come by, the distributor does not always have it, so when they do, we jump on it!!!

Category Cheese
Region United States, Maryland
Brand Firefly Farms