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Les Folies Fromages Quince Apple Spread for Cheese

Les Folies Fromages Quince Apple Spread for Cheese


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We love this delicately sweet jam from France for topping all kinds of cheeses. Made with fresh quince and apple fruits, mixed with three spices, it is recommended for pairing with Roquefort and all others blue cheeses in particular, but we also pair it with rich double and triple creams and sheep's milk cheeses. The producer Guillaume & Lesgards is located in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Pyrenees. The creation of these sweet surprises is a real work of art, as it requires the respect of the natural aroma of the fruit, a short cooking time to preserve its texture and color, and a perfect balance in the association of flavors. Les Folies Fromages are stunning fruit spreads for optimal enjoyment of fine cheeses. Fruit and spices, combined with low sugar content, are the cornerstones of these recipes, specially designed to highlight the typical flavors of cheeses. The elaboration of each product was guided by a regional tradition. Ask our cheesemonger for P'tit Basque or Ossau Iraty from the same region as this jam, and/or Bayonne French Ham, also from the Basque area, a culinary heaven for all foodies!

Category Jams
Region France, Pyrenees
Brand Les Folies Fromages