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Uncle Jerry's Pretzels Specials

Uncle Jerry's Pretzels Specials


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Uncle Jerry's Handmade Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels is a small, family-owned business. Their pretzels have been baked in a rural Lancaster County location for over 30 years and the family has stayed true to their commitment of providing a fresh, crunchy, and all natural sourdough pretzel. This bag is what they call their 'Specials', which launched the entire line. This variety, with the medium brown finish, is their original pretzel craved by pretzel lovers everywhere.  

Uncle Jerry's Handmade Pretzels have a completely different taste than pretzels twisted by machines. Handmade pretzels have a lighter texture and crisper crunch to them, because the dough is rolled and kneaded as opposed to being extruded under high heat and intense pressure from gigantic machines. Using a sourdough starter, Uncle Jerry's pretzels are fat, crunchy and full of salt. While we have no hesitation in recommending these pretzels, it is important to understand that the same qualities that make them delicious also make them more fragile. So if you find a few broken up within the bag, it shouldn't matter. Try them with Kozlik's Orange Ginger Mustard or Cabot Horseradish Cheese for two equally amazing Dipping Experiences! 


Category Chips
Region United States, Pennsylvania
Brand Uncle Jerry's Pretzels