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Herr's Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips

Herr's Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips

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13.5 oz. Bag


At Herr's®, the Restaurant Style Tortillas are made with only the finest 100% white corn, prepared the authentic stone ground way. 'Whether you enjoy them plain, or with salsa and dips, every Tortilla Chip will be as fresh, crisp and tasty as the one before. In fact, you have my guarantee!' President/CEO - Ed Herr

Herr's is a fourth generation company founded in 1946 by James Stauffer Herr who purchased a small potato chip company in Lancaster, PA, for $1750. Originally a family of chicken farmers, the Herr's began their legacy as quality-driven snack makers which continues to this day.

Category Chips
Region United States, Pennsylvania
Brand Herr's