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Kozlik's Canadian Mustard Orange Ginger Mustard

Kozlik's Canadian Mustard Orange Ginger Mustard 8 oz.

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8 oz. Jar


Kozlik's Canadian Mustard was established in 1948 and has remained family owned and operated to this day, producing hand-made mustard in small batches. Neither the process, nor the family's recipes have changed in over 60 years, nor has their commitment to sourcing the finest quality ingredients to make the best-tasting mustard possible. Kozlik's is are proud to be a part of Canada’s mustard-making tradition, crafting mustards with 100% Canadian mustard seed and sourcing ingredients from local suppliers. Deeply committed to natural ingredients and socially responsible business practices, these mustards are non-GMO, gluten-free, and contain absolutely no additives or preservatives.

The Orange & Ginger is our absolute favorite flavor, and we are true Mustard aficionados. Perfectly spiced with ginger and mustard seed, and then moderately sweet with citrus and honey, this mustard pairs really well with duck, pork, poultry, salmon and turkey. We often whip up marinades for pork and chicken at home with a big spoonful of this mustard, along with olive oil, fresh citrus zest and herbs.

Ingredients: Mustard seed, raw Ontario honey, vinegar, water, orange juice, ginger, salt.

4/5 Heat Factor

Category Condiments
Region Canada
Brand Kozlik's Canadian Mustard