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NJ Beach Badge Vodka

NJ Beach Badge Vodka

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750ml Bottle

Most vodka comes from a foreign country and few from the United States. They are generally made in large industrial factories. We are simply Artisan Craft Distillers who prefer Main Street USA over Chain Street USA. Local guys just following our passion,working hard and chasing the American Dream. We make our Beach Badge Vodka slowly with purpose in New Jersey for the people who love New Jersey. Our craft distillery equipment looks more like a metal art gallery than a made for TV moonshine still. Additionally We are proud to say we are red white and blue collar guys. We welcome you to tour the copper kettle spirits distillery and learn about the art of distilling and promote the American way. Thank you for your support !
Category Vodka
Region United States, New Jersey
Brand NJ Beach Badge
Alcohol/vol 40%