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Sitos Greek Orzo Pasta

Sitos Greek Orzo Pasta

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Orzo is a short-cut rice-shaped pasta with strong ties to Greek cuisine. Its shape and firm texture make it ideal for salads and other cold dishes. It can just as easily be tossed with some lemon juice and butter for a light and elegant meal. As with many pastas, there is no limit to its uses. A tasty and nutritious meal for both adults and children alike, “Sitos” uses pure and natural ingredients such as semolina exclusively made from durum wheat “mavrogani”. Ingredients: Whole wheat, pasteurized cow’s milk, butter, salt. Contains wheat, pasteurized cow’s milk net weight: 16oz (1lb)

We recently forged a relationship with a fantastic Greek food importer who brings in the most authentic, high quality products. We also have a beautiful selection and passion for Greek wines, which is why we worked so hard to get Greek specialty foods into the Bottle Shop. This, for example, is the best Orzo pasta we have ever tasted, and we have been eating orzo our whole lives. Enjoy! 


Category Pasta
Region Greece
Brand Sitos