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Chateau Giscours Petit Sirene 2015

Chateau Giscours Petit Sirene  2015


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Petite Sirène was established in 2008 by the renowned Third Growth, Château Giscours of Margaux. Grapes are sourced from a trusted estate with exceptional terroir in Côtes de Bordeaux. The Giscours winemaking team meticulously controls every stage of the production from grape selection to bottling. To achieve final Giscours certification, each vintage undergoes a rigorous series of blind tastings that include a mix of professionals and enthusiasts alike that ensure the high standard of the Château is met every year. Château Giscours’ boasts a lengthy, rich history that can be traced back the 14th century. At that time the estate was merely a defensive tower which overlooked a wild, rather unwelcoming terrain. In 1552 Pierre de Lhomme, a wealthy Bordeaux draper, purchased a nobleman’s house called “Guyscoutz.” He revitalized the property and converted it into a vast estate, planted vines, and soon after, wine production began. As the years passed, little by little, Pierre’s successors added their own contributions to the estate. In the 19th century, under the control of the Pescatore and Cruse families, Giscours gained much of its grand appearance. Architect, Eugene Bülher transformed the château into a neoclassical palace, modernizing the winemaking facilities and constructing additional buildings including the famed, Ferme Suzanne, a large, lavish space used for banquets today. The name Petite Sirène translates to “The Little Mermaid,” a nod to a legend surrounding Château Giscours. At the end of the 19th century the Cruse family had created a wine label for Château Giscours utilizing their coat of arms. However, in 1919 the family sold the estate to Emile Grange, who wanted to adjust the labels to reflect his own personal influence. He was contemplating how best to execute this while sitting in front of a fire at Château La Houringue, whose vineyards are part of Chateau Giscours now, on a damp evening when he claimed to see the outline of a siren in the flames. This vision haunted him and prompted his addition of a beautiful mermaid carrying a branch of vines (the symbol of the Médoc) to the labels. It has been considered over the years that Château La Houringue’s Irish roots may have played a part in this mystery. In the 1800’s Château La Houringue was owned by John O'Byrne, a merchant and shipper whose family was part of a group of Irish Catholic soldiers who fled English tyranny in the late 17th and early 18th centuries after their defeat. John’s ancestors had a dark past, weaved thickly with plots and conspiracies that were entangled with the Irish monarchy. These deeds allowed them to rise to become Barons of Ireland, sporting a coat of arms which coincidentally depicted a siren.

Category Red Wine
Region France, Bordeaux
Brand Chateau Giscours