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Filotea Spaghetti alla Chitarra

Filotea Spaghetti alla Chitarra

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This is a true artisan pasta that cooks in just 5 minutes! Hand made daily at the Filotea company with flour and fresh eggs, using the ancient recipe of Ancona, Italy, this has the flavor and texture of fresh pasta. Its unique texture is porous with a rough texture due to bronze drawing and very slow drying process at low temperatures , an every box is packed by hand. NO REFRIGERATION Required- shelf stable 24 months.

Chitarra is a square spaghetti pasta that goes particularly well with meat or fish sauces. Another simple way to use it is to toss in Selezione Tartufi Truffle Sauce (from the same importer), or in butter, olive oil and grated cheese. Try in summer with fresh vegetables, lemon and olive oil topped with shrimp.

We met the owner of Filotea Pasta here at the Bottle Shop a few years back. He is a truly humble and hard-working Italiano, we understand why this product is so delicious, consistent and authentic! 

Category Pasta
Region Italy
Brand Filotea