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Sitos Vegetable Lasagna Pasta

Sitos Vegetable Lasagna Pasta

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We recently forged a relationship with a fantastic Greek food importer who brings in the most authentic, high quality products. We also have a beautiful selection and passion for Greek wines, which is why we worked so hard to get Greek specialty foods into the Bottle Shop. This is such a delicious all natural pasta made with fresh vegetables, ideal for tossing with Greek EVOO, shrimp and steamed broccoli or with fresh pomodoro sauce, or with kalamata olives, olive oil and feta cheese for a cold pasta salad. The ways to serve it are endless, happy cooking!!!

Ingredients: Whole wheat, pasteurized cow’s milk, butter, salt, dried vegetables (carrot, spinach, tomato and beetroot). Net weight: 16oz (1lb) 


Category Pasta
Brand Sitos