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Ines Rosales Mini Tortas

Ines Rosales Mini Tortas


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This is a beautiful artisanal, all natural product from Spain, produced since 1910. Each torta is unique and one-of-a-kind, thanks to the gentle hands that shape them before they are baked. Healthy, handcrafted, and enjoyed by all five senses, made in the same way for a hundred years. These Mini-Tortas are a new product in 2020. As always, the ingredients have been carefully selected to achieve its unique light and crispy texture, and the perfect baking point. Inés Rosales Sweet Olive Oil Tortas have been a traditional snack throughout Spain for more than 100 years. Flavored with extra virgin olive oil, anise and sesame seeds, carefully curated Mediterranean flavors and zero additives. This is a family legacy, their flavor transports us back in time. Let your palate take you on a journey which can be enjoyed at any time of day. 

Category Gourmet Foods
Region Spain
Brand Ines Rosales