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Natural Nectar Cracklebread Ancient Grains

Natural Nectar Cracklebread Ancient Grains 3.5 oz. Box

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3.5 oz. Box


This delightful gluten-free cracker is made with Non-GMO ingredients imported from Spain. We carry the 'Ancient Grain' Multi-Grain flavor because it is our favorite! Natural Nectar is a growing line of fine products created to enhance lives flavorfully, sustainably, conscientiously and ecologically. Harvesting wholesome essential ingredients from the Earth and crafting them into high quality products is the hallmark of the brand and their commitment to the consumer. 

We particularly love this flatbread with hummus, cheese spreads, smoked salmon and goat's milk cheeses. It has 0mg Cholesterol, 0g Trans Fat per serving , zero gluten and is only 70 calories per serving, which is 4 flatbreads. These are crispy, light in texture and delicious!

19 Calories per Slice

Light & Crispy Texture Delicate Flavor

Category Crackers
Region Spain
Brand Natural Nectar