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Delpeyrat Jambon De Bayonne Ham

Delpeyrat Jambon De Bayonne Ham

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Bayonne Ham is an all natural ham from the Ardour Basin in the heart of French Basque Country, and made for 1,000+ years. We like to call it 'France's Prosciutto' to give folks a reference, but it is firmer and more flavorful than most prosciutto we find here in the USA.  This exceptional air-cured ham draws its unique qualities from this region's cultural traditions. The flavor and character have been certified by the Indication Geographique Protégée (PGI-Protected Geographical Indication) denomination certifying that the highest quality standards are applied in this traditional curing process. The Bayonne Ham denomination has been protected by the European Union with the PGI symbol since 1998. Bayonne Hams are air-cured for 12 months producing a classic ham that is rich in color, very tender and mild flavored with only a hint of saltiness.

The salting and aging processes are exclusively carried out in the Adour River basin. This zone is delineated by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Pyrenees mountains to the south, and the Adour River to the north and east. The Ardour River basin is comprised of a single French department, the Pyrénées-Atlantique, and the adjacent counties of the Landes, Gers and Hautes-Pyrénées. Salies-de-Béarn Salt is obtained exclusively through the evaporation of salt springwater from the Reine Jeanne d’Oraas spring. This saltwater undergoes a traditional evaporation process in a saltpan. This means that the salt is 100% natural and rich in trace elements. Bayonne Hams are branded with the Lauburu cross-- the official Basque Cross -- if they have successfully passed each of the different quality objectives. 

We love this product! The local Basque pigs eat cereals and corn. They do not receive any antibiotics, no GMOs and no nitrates. The taste is delicate, smooth and refined with perfect salt balance. We love it on its own, or lightly fried in the morning with an egg. Delicious!

Category Ham
Region Spain, Basque
Brand Delpeyrat