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Bittermens Boston Bittahs

Bittermens Boston Bittahs 5 oz.
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5 oz. Bottle


A lovely combination of citrus & chamomile. We recommend adding a dash to libations that you'd would drink while relaxing outdoors on a warm summer night or put into your classic Manhattan like they do at Pascal & Sabine. After the rousing success of the 'Elemakule Tiki® Bitters, Bittermens set forth to come up with a new bitter that celebrated both the return of summer and the owners' return to Boston after 14 years. It's citrus, citrus, citrus and more citrus, supported with a heavy dose of chamomile. They think it smells like summer. Try it in your favorite fizz, sour or bright tropical drink. It works extremely well with pisco and scotch as well.

Category Bitters
Region United States, Oregon
Brand Bittermens
Alcohol/vol 44%