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Ampeleia Unlitro 2019

Ampeleia Unlitro 2019 1L

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1L Bottle


The ideal red for summer, this Tuscan blend, bottled in a handy liter size, is made by a woman winemaker, Elisabetta Foradori, famous for her work with the Teraldego grape in the Alto Adige made with organic/biodynamic, low sulfite methods. She has come together on Ampeleia with 2 friends, Giovanni Podini and Thomas Widmann, to develop a completely unique project in the Maremma region of Tuscany. They are farming biodynamically, focusing on the synergy between mankind and nature, producing fresh and elegant, silky wines. This red is clean, fresh and tasty with bright red fruit, flower and gentle spice flavors. If you like Chianti, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Barbera and other elegant reds, try this!

The estate overlooks the medieval village of Roccatederighi, located on three different levels of altitude varying from 200 to 600 meters above sea level Ampeleia di Sopra (Upper Ampeleia), Ampeleia di Mezzo(Central Ampeleia) and Ampeleia di Sotto (Lower Ampeleia). Ampeleia includes a total of 150 hectares of which only 40 are planted with vines. The property slopes down towards the sea, nestled in a territory made of numerous plots of land, hidden among the lush vegetation, where earlier Etruscan settlers nourished the soil to grow grapes. All vineyards on the estate were planted following an in depth terroir research of each single site. Ampeleia offers a wine with great character and personality, elegance and bright, aromatic fruit.


Category Red Wine
Region Italy, Tuscany
Brand Ampeleia