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Lucid Absinthe Superieur

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Lucid Absinthe Superieur 375ml


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Lucid is the first genuine Absinthe made with real Grande Wormwood to be legally available in the US in over 95 years. Lucid is made with Grande Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) as well as other fine European herbs.
Category Absinthe
Region France
Brand Lucid
Alcohol/vol 62%
Proof 124.00
  • we90

Wine EnthusiastThis cocktail-friendly absinthe is mild and herbaceous, hinting at fennel, lime peel, and a fresh hint of celery. Made with beet neutral spirits, it has a faint sweetness that plays around the edges. Light straw in the glass, louching to bright opalescent.

March 1, 2015