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Maracame Tequila Reposado Tequila

Maracame Tequila Reposado Tequila

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750ml Bottle


Maracame is produced by one of the finest tequila makers in Mexico, Tequila Supremo. Commercially known as Casa Camarena, Tequila Supremo is owned and operated by La Familia Camarena of Arandas, Jalisco. Founded originally by Augustin Camarena in 1938, the Camarena family has built Tequila Supremo into one of the largest and most successful producers of tequila.  Tequila Supremo has also developed and patented a process known as Zero D, which ensures that the distillery emits no waste charges. Tequila Supremo was the first tequila producer to be 100% environmentally friendly. 

This tequila known as Maracame is named for the spiritual guide of the Huichol people. More than just a medicine man, the Maracame serves as priest, historian, and even as a civil servant within the community. In order to become a great Maracame, long years of intense physical, mental, and spiritual preparation is required. This premium tequila pays homage to the spirit of such effort and cultural importance.

Many of the savviest Tequila aficionados have come to love and trust the spirits of Tequila Supremo,. In Arandas, the epicenter of Highland tequila production, the Camarena family (Augustin Camarena), has been growing, harvesting and distilling the prized Blue Weber Agave, since 1938. But the history runs even deeper, as the Camarena family co-founded the town of Arandas in 1761. Only the biggest, sweetest, agaves are used in Maracame, Tequila Supremo’s, plato fuerte. Sugar, acid and water levels are carefully checked in the field and the distillery. A 100 year old volcanic oven is used only for Maracame, and the care taken for each expression shows.

This Reposado which we tasted and absolutely loved, was aged 9 months in American oak barrels. It has a beautiful pale golden yellow color (no coloring added here, this is an all natural tequila), and rich aromas of citrus marmalade, vanilla, spices, orange peel and golden baked fruits such as apples.  Incredibly smooth and refined, this has a gently sweet yet peppery mid-palate and a classy sandalwood finish. Truly, a handcrafted tequila and a fantastic gift with its beaded necklace and colorful gift box.

Category Reposado
Region Mexico, Jalisco
Brand Maracame Tequila
Alcohol/vol 40%