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Hunnicutt Brinkman Block Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Hunnicutt  Brinkman Block Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
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750ml Bottle


Owner Justin Stephen's middle name is Hunnicutt, but it wasn’t until after he founded the first HUNNICUTT wines in 2002 that he learned its true origin. As a young boy he was often teased about this unusual middle name, which bothered him until his father told me about the great General Hunnicutt, a daring and feared presence in America’s Wild West. But years later, when speaking at a dinner to introduce the first vintage of HUNNICUTT wines, his father referenced his grandmother, Nora Hunnicutt, in explaining the origin of the name. When he asked about Nora’s relationship to the great “General,” he learned there was no General Hunnicutt, just a tall tale fabricated to boost a young boy’s confidence. General or no general, the Hunnicutt name has now been passed down through another generation to Justin and wife Seana's first daughter, Parker Hunnicutt Stephens.

Hunnicutt’s 'Brinkman Block' refers to an ancient oak tree in Rutherford that Justin’s mom, Chris Brinkman, used to always point it out as her favorite tree ever since the Stephens family arrived in the valley in 1979. Made from the famous Beckstoffer George III vineyard in Napa, Brinkman is made of 100% Cabernet. Serve with your finest steak dinners.

Category Red Wine
Region California, Napa Valley, Rutherford
Brand Hunnicutt