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Marziano Abbona Barolo 2016

Marziano Abbona Barolo 2016

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750ml Bottle


We have twice had the pleasure of tasting wine and speaking with Chiara Abbona, one of Marziano Abbona's two daughters, and the serious ambassador for her family's winery in Piedmont.  Educated in winemaking from an early age both at home and at university, Chiara is an integral part of this thriving family business. In addition to our love and respect for what we taste inside each Abbona bottle, we are also drawn to the labels. Each Abbona label is designed by family friend, Gianni Galli, and features various species of birds found on the estate's vineyards. This bottle will look especially beautiful on your table or at your favorite BYO Italian restaurant.

An ode to the hills of Dogliani, Marziano Abbona is located in the village of San Luigi in the center of a natural amphitheater of hills, at its back is a large, man-made pond, behind which the Alpine mountains are outlined along the horizon on clear days. The winery rises up on the foundations of an ancient farmhouse and represents a dialogue between past and present, perfectly integrating the landscape with its ancient foundations. The old, brick-vaulted ceilings arch over the tasting room, while the modern winemaking and aging rooms are completely interred. It emerging sections are covered in grass and finished Langhe stone. The modern area of the building also has a tasting room, its floor constructed in wood from old wine barrels and lit by large windows that open up to the magnificent countryside.

The vineyards of Abbona extend for a total surface area of 52 hectares (128 acres) over the best-positioned territories in Dogliani, Monforte d’Alba and Novello. All owned by the winery, the vineyards include some of the most renowned crus in the Langhe and are cultivated in the highest respect for the surrounding environment and for those who work in the vineyards. Abbona chooses to follow sustainable and organic vineyard management. These methods use the minimal amount of synthetic treatments possible and follow non-invasive practices like cover crops, banning systemic pesticides, and the gradual phasing out of herbicides.

The vineyards are cultivated and harvested by hand following methods passed down for generations. Many of the family vineyards are cultivated with old-growth vines up to 60 years of age. These express the highest quality of the territory where they were planted. Following the French tradition of classifying land parcels, the winery’s vineyards are divided by land quality according to factors of microclimate, position, and geology. Abbona uses only grapes from the best vineyards, located in the higher hills, to make their cru wines; the other grapes are used to make their more basic wines.

Category Red Wine
Region Italy, Piedmont, Barolo
Brand Marziano Abbona