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Terredora di Paolo Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Rosso 2017

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Terredora di Paolo Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Rosso 2017

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750ml Bottle


This ancient red wine of the Campania region is made by the Mastroberardino family, of 100% Piedirosso, from their high altitude estate vineyard. Named Lacryma Christi, (also Lachryma Christi of Vesuvius, literally meaning "Tears of Christ"), this is a celebrated Neapolitan type of red wine produced on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius in Campania, Italy. The Piedirosso variety is the most prized and ancient grape for making Lacryma Christi.

Terredora Di Paolo is a story of a family that is closely linked to Campania, its land, its history and its people for many generations. The Mastroberardino family is the most famous wine family in this region. With 494 acres of privately owned vineyards in the best sites of the Avellino province, Terredora di Paolo is one of the most important wineries in southern Italy, focusing on vineyards and high quality, authentic wines. Since its establishment in 1978 (when part of the family broke away from the ever-growing Mastroberardino brand), Terredora di Paolo has focused on rediscovering and restoring Campania’s ancient and native varietals such as Aglianico, Piedirosso, Fiano, Greco and Falanghina. These varietals are key players that have brought about Campanian’s wine renaissance.

Before Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii in 79 AD, its volcanic vineyards produced unique wines that the ancient Romans enjoyed at lavish banquets. Modern drinkers can savor the same flavors they did, with this historic wine here, Lacryma Christi.  Although its name translates to “Tears of Christ,” the wine’s origins go back even further than the time of Jesus. In the fifth century BC, Greek settlers came to the Naples coast and planted Italy’s first vineyards. The Romans happily followed, named the land Campania Felix (“fertile countryside”), and said Bacchus wept tears of joy over the beautiful terrain, causing vines to flourish. Later, wine-making monks would revise the story and replace Bacchus with Christ, who wept over Vesuvius because Lucifer had dropped a stolen piece of Paradise there. 

Both origin stories celebrate the area’s ideal grape-growing terrain. The mineral-rich volcanic soil and mild, breezy Mediterranean climate still produce the same grapes enjoyed by ancient drinkers. Wineries abound in the area, producing red, white, rosé, and even sparkling Lacryma Christi.  Lacryma Christi red is a delicious dry wine, that pairs wonderfully with the specialties of the Campania region: pizza or pasta with red sauce made from local San Marzano tomatoes, or fine Italian cheeses and cured meats.

Category Red Wine
Region Italy, Campania, Vesuvio
Brand Terredora di Paolo
Alcohol/vol 13%
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James SucklingExcellent freshness and composure to this red with notes of citrus and strawberries. Tightly strung with tense acidity and firm tannins. Mineral, zesty finish. Drink now.

November 11, 2019