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Elio Filippino Dolcetto d'Alba Sori Capelli 2017

Elio Filippino Dolcetto d'Alba Sori Capelli 2017

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750ml Bottle


This family run winery is located in the heart of the District of Neive, among the rolling hills of the Langhe zone, a land of great wines and ancient wine-making traditions. Passed down through generations, Elio Filippino is the current winemaker, and together with his family, contribute to the production of high quality wines.  Elio is the third generation of his family, a Piemontese winemaker producing classic local wines with organic and traditional methods., He does not use any chemical fertilizers or herbicides. The vineyard grass is cut by hand, and only natural bovine or equine fertilizers are applied in alternate years. Traditional winemaking, along with biodynamic vineyard practices, make this winery a standout. We tasted and found all of Elio's wines to be pure, classy and utterly delicious.  The year 2018 also marks a very special year for the estate - celebrating 50 years of winemaking and 20 years under Elio's stewardship.

Dolcetto wines are known for black cherry, blue plum and licorice flavors, and a characteristically dry finish reminiscent of almonds. While the name implies sweetness, the wines are normally dry. The tannic nature of the grape means that the best growers are careful to use older vines and low yields, which is what Elio Filippino does. This is delicious and 2017 is a terrific, charming year.

Category Red Wine
Region Italy, Piedmont, Dolcetto d'Alba
Brand Elio Filippino
Alcohol/vol 12.5%