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Malabar Spiced Liqueur

Malabar Spiced Liqueur

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750ml Bottle


Centuries ago the Portuguese Admiral Vasco da Gama discovered the famed Spice Route to India's southwestern coast. The Malabar Coast, as it was known, was ruled by the mighty maharajas (kings). Come experience this ancient land embodied in our spiced liqueur- Malabar. Derived from a recipe reserved exclusively for the sophisticated palates of the maharajas, Malabar incorporates the finest spirits and complex spices including notes of orange, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. Through the eyes of our symbolic bird, the Malabar Trogon, find yourself transported along with Vasco and his mariners as they sailed the Spice Route to the Malabar Coast of India.
Category Liqueurs & Cordials
Region United States
Brand Malabar