Jean-Marc Roulot L'Abricot du Roulot Apricot Liqueur 1L

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Located in Meursault, Domaine Roulot is one of the most sought after estates in all of Burgundy, originally made famous by the late Guy Roulot. But the Roulot family was also producing spirits dating back to 1866, such as fruit liqueurs and eaux-de-vie. This traditional apricot liqueur is from winemaker Jean-Marc Roulot, Guy Roulot's son who has been in charge of winemaking since 1989.  Jean-Marc explains the 'spirits' side: “…I wanted to develop this activity by extending the distillation to fruit brandies and return to a work that my father, Guy Roulot, had experimented with long before me. His pear brandy was particularly well known and appreciated by a small circle of intimates who nicknamed it ‘La Poire du Roulot’. These new alcohols that we offer therefore also represent the continuation of our family story.”
Category Liqueur
Country France
Region Rhone
Brand Jean-Marc Roulot
Alcohol/vol 25%