Stefano Mancinelli Santa Maria Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi 2015


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In the early 1980's a young Stefano Mancinelli dedicated his life to producing classic local wines of Le Marche. Stefano’s Verdicchios are grown on the Ancona hills in Marche, in the DOC region of Castelli di Jesi, an area renown for the finest Verdicchios. His red wines are made in Morro d’Alba, where he celebrates the ancient Lacrima red grape. Stefano makes two versions of Verdicchio, a single vineyard Superiore, from his special cru vineyard, Santa Maria del Fiore, which is protected from excesses of heat and cold by the sea breezes of the Adriatic. The combination of sea and land gives his grapes an added complexity which is enhanced by Mancinelli through cold maceration on the skins. He also makes a non-cru version from the classico zone which is an exceptional value. This here is the single vineyard version.

Stefano Mancinelli insists on having complete control of his production from the vines and olive trees to the bottle. He takes complete responsibility for the quality of the bottles that bear his name. This Verdicchio is made from a 100% native clone of Castelli di Jesi, the best area of all for Verdicchio. The color is straw yellow with greenish highlights, followed by fresh, ripe fruit and almond aromas, and dry, soft, flower-scented fruit on the palate. The locals serve this as an aperitif, with first courses in general, fish and white meats.

Category White Wine
Country Italy
Region Marche
Appellation Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi
Brand Stefano Mancinelli