Journeyman Distillery Last Feather Rye Whiskey

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Journeyman Distillery is an Organic Spirits Distillery, located in Three Oaks, Michigan.  Everything at Journeyman Distillery is handcrafted. They offer artisan spirits with a focus on whiskey. While whiskey is what the founders originally fell in love with, they also offer a variety of high quality spirits such as vodka, gin, and rum. They distill, bottle, label, and package each spirit at the distillery. Last Feather Rye defines heritage; during prohibition, people made rye and it survived. The first batch of this rye was made in Chicago but eventually production was moved to the Featherbone Factory in Michigan, now the home of Journeyman, and today, Last Feather Rye's permanent home.

Distiller Comments:  'In the summer of 2010, I spent a period of time training in Chicago at Koval Distillery (located in the Ravenswood neighborhood), learning the trade but also putting rye whiskey in barrels. That time was invaluable in terms of education, but it also allowed Journeyman Distillery the opportunity to have a wonderfully aged rye whiskey to bottle and sell for the opening of our distillery.
These days we distill our organic rye whiskey at our Three Oaks, Michigan distillery using the same recipe we perfected back in Chicago. The 90-proof whiskey is made from a blend of Midwestern rye and wheat with just a touch of barley added to round out the flavor. The whiskey matures in new white oak barrels where it develops its signature flavor. Last Feather Rye is a fruit-forward whiskey that finishes with a gentle crescendo of spice and pepper from the rye.  Depending upon individual palettes various flavors including banana, vanilla, and caramel may entertain and tingle your taste buds to accompany the ever-present warmth, dryness, and spice that rye brings to the forefront. ' This is a limited release bottling.

Category Rye
Country United States
Region Michigan
Brand Journeyman Distillery
Alcohol/vol 45%