Leopold Brothers American Small Batch Whiskey


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Leopold Bros. is a family owned distillery in Denver, Colorado, which is yes, operated by two brothers! Todd and Scott Leopold create award-winning whiskies, gins, vodka, liqueurs, fernet, absinthe and aperitivo. They malt their own barley, mill their own grains, ferment their own mash and distill everything onsite. They never add artificial ingredients, and they barrel and bottle everything by hand. This is a true artisinal American spirit!

In 1999, Scott and Todd opened a brewery on Main Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan called Leopold Bros. It quickly became popular, and operations soon expanded to distilling, releasing their first spirits in 2001. They were well-known for their eco-brewing techniques, using organic ingredients and effective management of water and waste by-products. In 2008, operations moved to Scott and Todd's home state of Colorado, where they continue to make Leopold Bros. spirits. 

For the American Small Batch Whiskey which was first released in 2010, the Leopolds' begin by fermenting a traditional sour mash of corn and rye at colder temperatures, but without the aid of refrigeration. Fermentation takes more time this way, but results in a softer whiskey and develops subtle flavors such as vanilla, pear and berry. They then distill the mash in small batch copper potstill on grain to extract fuller and rounder flavors from the corn and rye. Finally, they barrel the distillate at the Pre-Prohibition standard of 98 proof, so that the barrel may add subtle notes of oak and vanilla and does not overpower the finished whiskey. 43% Alc. by Vol. 86 Proof

Old Old Fashioned

2 oz. Leopold Bros. American Small Batch Whiskey

1 sugar cube

4 dashes bitters

In a mixing glass, muddle sugar cube with bitters. Add Leopold Bros. American Small Batch Whiskey and ice. Stir to combine. Strain over fresh ice in an Old Fashioned glass. Garnish with a lemon peel.

Ginger Toddy
Chef Josea Rosenberg

1½ oz. Leopold Bros. American Small Batch Whiskey

½ oz. honey

6 oz. ginger-lemon tea

Combine Leopold Bros. American Small Batch Whiskey, and honey with ginger-lemon tea in a mug. Stir thoroughly to mix. Garnish with a lemon or orange twist.

Category Whiskey
Country United States
Region Colorado
Brand Leopold Brothers