Michel Torino Cuma Malbec 2016


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The Michel Torino wines from Bodega El Esteco come from the high altitude vineyards of the Calchaqui Valley, located in northwest province of Salta. With vineyards starting at 5,500 feet above sea level and rising to over 6,600 feet, Michel Torino’s wines are unique expressions of the region. The Michel Torino Cuma range is made with certified organic grapes, sustainable and Fair for Life. Michel Torino is committed to preserving the natural environment of the Calchaqui Valley.

Cuma Malbec is a certified organic red wine from Argentina. Sourced from estate vineyards high in Argentina's northwest Andes, this extreme elevation lends itself perfectly to organic viticulture. Hot days, cool nights, lack of rainfall and a dry shallow soil allow for minimal human interference to the natural growth cycle of the vines. All organic practices are carried over from vineyard to winery where the wines are carefully handled throughout the entire vinification process. Cuma is produced to be drunk young, therefore little oak is used in the winery; instead the wines are aged at cool temperatures in stainless steel tanks in an effort to showcase their natural complexity and deep fruit flavors.

The Cuma Malbec, made from high elevation vines, has fresh, gentle flavors of raspberry, blackberry and spices, with a soft, smooth finish. Serve with chicken, stews, soups, pasta, dishes with tomatoes and cilantro or cheeses, especially from Spain, such as Manchego.

Category Red Wine
Country Argentina
Region Calchaqui Valley
Brand Michel Torino
Alcohol/vol 14.5%