Vigneti a Prua Riviera Ligure Di Ponente Rossese 2014

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From the ‘Italian Riviera' known for pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and great shellfish, this light, exuberant red made of the Rossese (row-seh-zee) grape has aromas of fresh strawberries, flowers and the sea, with a refreshing, mineral-driven finish that captures the essence of the Mediterranean. An ideal recommendation for French Pinot Noir lovers or northern Italian red aficionados, we positively love this food-friendly red made by the quality-driven Ruffino family in Liguria. We brought it into the shop in the late summer which was perfect timing for cool but not-so-cold Fall evenings to pair with lightly comforting foods.

Generations of the Ruffino family have been cultivating grapes on this small estate in Liguria which takes its name from the beautiful curved vineyard resembling the prow of a boat -- Vigneti a Prua. There on this small sliver of red calcareous clay which separates the sea from the Alps, Tommaso, Nicola and Paolo’s family has struggled for over 500 years to grow grapes and to protect and preserve ancient varietals. They make a wonderful Pigato white with its speckled skin which, in the Ruffino vineyard, is distinctly different from its more common cousin, Vermentino. Both are fresh with outstanding minerality but the Pigato has white peaches and honey and a note of wild fennel while the Vermentino tends toward tropical fruits and apricots entertwined with thyme and rosemary notes. Their Rossesse, which we have here, is a light and bright red wine, full of wild cherry and strawberry fruit with a touch of dried herbs.  As champions of ancient varieties, the family has also saved two other ancient indigenous grapes from extinction: Mataòssu and Cruvin, which have been completely abandoned by other growers less passionate and patient than the Ruffinos.

Discover this lovely red, especially in the early Fall and Spring months, to serve with white meats, oily fishes and shellfish dishes with accents of fresh basil, rosemary, fennel, pignoli nuts, tender olives or porcini mushrooms. Be prepared for a light color (think classic Nebbiolo or French Pinot) followed by ethereal, poised flavors. We just love this rare, unique Italian red.

Category Red Wine
Country Italy
Region Liguria
Appellation Riviera Ligure di Ponente
Brand Vigneti a Prua