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Domaine Marcel Lapierre Morgon 2019

Domaine Marcel Lapierre Morgon 2019

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750ml Bottle

This Beaujolais made of 100% Gamay is perhaps the purest expression of this region's wines we have ever tasted. Made by the late Marcel Lapierre's son Mathieu, Domaine Lapierre Morgon is made from meticulously hand harvested grapes, with gentle and natural winemaking methods, and oak aging in Burgundy barrels from Domaine Prieure-Roch in Vosne Romanee. 3rd generation farmer Marcel Lapierre had been farming with biodynamic methods for close to 30 years and eschewing full carbonic maceration. With his tragic passing last year at the age of 60, Marcel's son Mathieu took full charge of the winemaking and continued his father's legacy.

Wine Advocate reports: 'Mathieu Lapierre believes that the prolonged, relatively cool carbonic maceration he favors promotes natural antioxidants so that a wine like this has impressive stability from the open bottle despite its absence of sulfur. If you have a cold cellar, try to save a portion of this for 4-6 years. The irreplaceable and virtually irrepressible Marcel Lapierre passed away just after the 2010 harvest was completed and will be sorely missed among us. His son Mathieu - who had been assuming an increasingly important role at the domaine in recent years - has admirably advanced their labors in this vintage, resulting in wines that display the levity and "digestabilite" as well as textural caress and subtle complexity that one has long associated with the crafts of this domaine. Lapierre picked from September 20 through the first week in October and achieved normal crop levels. Mathieu Lapierre might refine his father's methods but it seems unlikely that he will deviate from them in fundamental ways, and he believes that "we in Beaujolais are in danger of losing our vinous identity" thanks in part to the ambitions of growers who take their inspiration and methods from the Cote d'Or.'
Category Red Wine
Region France, Beaujolais, Morgon
Brand Domaine Marcel Lapierre